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Saving money in the new year - Routine Maintenance that will save you money - Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC

Last updated 5 years ago

Yesterday, we began our three part series on how you can save money in the new year by changing your driving habits. In this segment we'll focus on other ways you can save money by reducing the amount of gas you use by properly making sure your car is properly maintained. 

-Cheap car maintenance you can do yourself! 

Tip #1: Pump up your tires!
Properly inflated tires reduce the contact area of your tires and therefore reduce the friction your car produces and thusly, the amount of gas your car consumes. 

Tip #2: Reduce the drag of your car.
Do you need the Ski rack on your car during the summer? What about the bike rack during the winter? If you answered no to these questions then take them off! Things like luggage racks, bike racks, etc all increase drag and decrease fuel efficiency. Don't use them when you don't have to! 

Tip #3: Use the correct grade of motor oil.
The grade of oil tells us the viscosity, if you use the wrong grade you can increase the friction in your engine. When your engine gets hotter, it will use more gas. 

Tip #4: Replace the air filter when you need to.

Tip #5: Turn off the lights.
This really only applies to older vehicles, as newer vehicles have efficient running lights. However, if you have an older car and the day time running lights are wired directly to the alternator. This increases the workload of engine to produce more power, decreases your fuel efficiency. Therefore, during the day when it's safe to do so, turn off your running lights. 

Tip 6: Regular service to your vehicle
Make sure that every 3,000 miles you bring your vehicle to a certified service department for an oil change, and to have your vehicle looked over. Even if it seems like a minor problem it can negatively influence your fuel economy. If you have any questions regarding service, give us a call at 330-SWEENEY or visit

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