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Times are tough, learn some simple ways to save money!

Last updated 5 years ago

We all know that the economy's especially tough now a days, so, Sweeney is here to help you save money so that you can make those dream purchases like your new house and your ideal car! 

Here are ten ways that you can save money!

#1- 40 days without shopping
Go 40 days without shopping. We don't mean cutting out the essentials, obviously everyone has needs, but end your shopping at needs. Let your wants go for 40 days and see how much you save! 

#2- Slash your monthly bills
Call the company's that you have accounts with such as your cell phone, utilities, etc. and see how you can cut your spending. Also, try dropping your thermostat 3 degrees when cold and raise it 3 degrees when you're hot. This will actually work exponentially.

#3- Pay extra on your mortgage. 

#4- De-clutter your home and sell your old stuff!

#5- Put away extra money
Put away any extra money that you make including bonuses, OT, rebates even changes in parking lots into an emergency fund, or use it to pay on your debts. 

#6- Cook meals with ingredients you already have
Once a month for two or three days in a row cook your dinner with ingredients you already have in your refrigerator. This will save you between $40-$60 a week! 

#7- Reduce credit card debt
This is loosely based off of #5, use that extra money you've been saving to pay what you use every month plus a specific amount that you'd be willing to pay every month. NEVER change the specific amount that you're willing to pay. 

#8- Buy meat in bulk and freeze it
We know, this sounds kind of goofy, but think about it. Lunch meat is appx. $6.00/lb, bulk chicken is $2.00/lb! 

#9- Find a side job
Make some extra cash by getting a side job, like pet sitting, dog walking, bartending, etc. There are a couple options with this. Either put it all into a separate account and at the end of the month pay your bills with it 

#10- Set up a couple checking accounts
Either set up a couple checking accounts, or look into PNC's Virtual Wallet Account. Take a piece of paper, map out your monthly expenses and and then subtract this from how much you make each month. Deposit one amount into each checking account. 

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