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Summer Driving: Improving your gas mileage!

Last updated 5 years ago

Did you know that efficient driving can save you over $100.00 a month? Chevrolet recently did a case study, take a look at what they found.

Mary Beth and Sarah each drove a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LT. Both drove the car for their workday commute. It included a 20 minute drive which entailed both city and highway driving and a stop for coffee. Mary Beth, who drove efficiently and properly maintained her Cruze averaged 37MPG and got about 575 miles per tank. Sarah drove inefficiently and ignored her car's needs, and in doing so average about 21 Miles Per Gallon. Mary Beth saved 40% more in gas, got 250 miles more out of a tank of gas and saved almost $1,236.00 per year! 

So how did Mary Beth do it? Here are a few tips that can help you save money at the pump!

1. Get out of the drive-through lane: Sarah waited in the drive through lane for her coffee, while Mary Beth shut her car off and went inside. Idling your car will burn about a quarter of a gallon of gas for every 15 minutes it idles. 

2. Don't have a lead foot: Accelerate smoothly in the city, don't jump on the gas at every light because you're just going to have to slam on the brakes. Aggressive driving isn't going to get you home any quicker, and all it will really do is decrease your gas mileage by almost 20 percent!

3. Drive 70, not 80: On the highway, driving 70, rather than 80 will get you almost an additional 4 miles per gallon. 10 miles per hour won't cost you that much additional time. These numbers aren't set in stone figures, they're ballpark. However, not only will going the speed limit save you in gas, but it will also save you in traffic tickets! 

4. Use your cruise control: Try to maintain a consistent speed while you're driving. Using the control is the easiest way to do this. 

5. Roll up the windows: The most common question people ask when talking about gas mileage is "Is it better to drive with the A/C on or off?" It's kind of a tricky question. At slower speeds, turning on the air conditioning will cost you a little, but always roll the windows up on the highway. The increased pressure will act almost like a parachute slowing down the car and using more fuel. 

6. Take care of your car: Make sure that your car is up to date on maintenance and it will save you in the long run. 

  • Properly inflated tires will improve your fuel economy, and will make them last longer. 
  • Using "Energy Conserving" motor oil will reduce friction and thusly improve your fuel economy.
  • Check your battery life! Replace or charge your current battery and make sure the cables are free of corrosion. 
  • Tune-ups improve the performance of your car as well as your gas mileage. This will help you avoid fuel economy issues such as worn spark plugs, dragging brakes, low transmission fluid and other transmission issues. 

We know that properly maintaining your car can be pricey, so take advantage of this great offer to help get your car in shape for summer. 


To schedule your tune up, give us a call at 330-SWEENEY.

Lastly, here are a few common mistakes that some people don't even realize they're making.

  •  Using roof ornaments and window flags will increase wind resistance and thusly, how much fuel is required to overcome it, so even small changes will effect your cars aerodynamics. Still want to show support for your team or organization? Easy, just take them down when the teams on the road! 
  • Take the extra stuff out of your car! Every 100 lbs of weight you add reduces your fuel economy by 2%. 
  • Bundle your errands. An engine is 50% more efficient at operating temperature than when cold so run five errands in an afternoon rather than running one every day for a week. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 330-SWEENEY.  



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