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"The only major thing they beat us on was the cup holders" The 2012 Acadia Denali takes on the competition.

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Often times when you read the content that we post, you’ll notice that we just talk about our vehicles. So, we thought we’d try something a little different today. We’re going to show you how the GMC Acadia Denali is putting its competition on the ground for the 10 count.

For our “royal rumble” of sorts, we’re going to compare three vehicles: The GMC Acadia Denali AWD 5SA, the Honda Pilot 4DR touring and the Toyota Highlander FWD limited. To get a few basics out of the way, all three of these vehicles are comparably priced, all three feature 4 anti locking disc brakes, all three have a V6 engine, and are front wheel drive. That’s where the similarities end. Let’s start simple: The Acadia Denali features a 3.6L SIDI injected engine. The Pilot and Highlander both feature 3.5L engines powered by Electronic Fuel Injection. So, what’s the big deal with SIDI? SIDI stands for Spark Ignition Direct Injection. This means that rather drawing a mixture of air and fuel into an engine cylinder like a convention engine, the Acadia Denali draws only fuel, where it is later mixed with air. This allows the engine to breathe better providing improved efficiency and power with the same amount of fuel.

While we’re on the subject of fuel economy, The Acadia once again leads the classes with an EPA highway estimated 24MPG, while the Pilot and Highlander receive an estimated 21 and 19 combined mpg, respectively. Seems like a close match up right? Wrong. Let’s break this down: Gas on average is $3.40 in the Youngstown area today, and say that we are going to make our monthly trip to Flint, Michigan to visit our family, a total of 586 miles roundtrip. With the Acadia’s 22 gallon tank, factoring in our mentioned fuel economy, we can make this drive for $81.60, $979.20 annually. Now looking at the mentioned fuel economy, the Pilot with its 21 gallon tank can make this drive for $91.47, or $1097.64 annually and finally the Highlander, using its mentioned economy and 19.2 gallon tank, the drive will cost you $104.83 each trip, or $1257.96 annually. This is where Acadia delivers its first haymaker staggering the competition…best in class fuel economy.

Now that we’ve talked about what’s under the hood, let’s talk about what’s inside the car. As with any Denali, luxury comes standard. The Acadia Denali is going to come standard with the following: AM/FM/XM Radio controlled from a 7 inch, color touch screen that includes a USB port for your iPod/iPhone. This can be controlled from the front or rear of the car. The seats are heated and cooled, made from leather. The Acadia also features dual climate control in the front, as well as a separate climate, with separate controls in the rear. Another interior feature with the Acadia is Heads Up Display, or HUD. This allows  you to see your speed, fuel remaining, radio station, etc. without ever having to take your eyes off the road making driving even safer. Did we mention that the Acadia also features dual sun roofs to give driving a more natural feel? The main area that Acadia got beat in when it comes to interior luxury? Cup holders. We’ll have to work on that! You can see more detail about the interior of the Acadia Denali in the videos posted below.

Now, let’s compare something that we all hold near and dear to us. Safety. The Acadia Denali received a 5 star rollover resistance rating, while the Highlander and Pilot received 4. The front driver’s side received a 5 star crash rating, while the Highlander only received 4. Finally, as an overall rating the Acadia received 5 stars, the Highlander received 4 stars and the Pilot’s data was unavailable.

That’s the final blow, knocking the competition down for the count.  You can see why the Acadia leads it’s class. To come see for yourself what we’re talking about give us a call at 330-SWEENEY or stop in today at 8010 Market Street, Youngstown Ohio.

We would like to give a special thank you to Chris Brown, yes that is his real name, who you’ll see in the videos below. Chris is a product specialist for GMC, and this was his presentation at the Pittsburgh Auto Show. Watch the video and take a look at Chris doing the Sweeney Whisper at the end. 

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